Construction Management Staffing

Engineering, Professional, and Specialist Staff Positions

The Metropolitan Council is hiring engineers, construction managers, contract administrators, and other specialists to join our team of professionals and deliver the largest public works project in Minnesota history. Put your skills to work on a major project that will benefit the Twin Cities metropolitan region for generations to come.

Construction management staff will be hired in phases starting in October 2016 and extending through early 2018. To learn more, see the Staffing Timeline and Position Description sections below. If you are interested in other employment with the Metropolitan Council (bus/train operators, maintenance, administrative, etc.), please go to the Metropolitan Council’s Employment page.

Current Postings

Staffing Timeline

Construction Management Staffing Timeline

Hiring of construction management staff will take place in phases starting in October 2016 and extending through 2017.

Positions to be posted in 2016

  • Director and Assistant Director, Construction
  • 3 Construction Managers
  • Manager, Construction Safety and Security
  • Quality Oversight Specialist

Positions to be posted in 2017

  • 13 positions to support construction activities including:
    • Contract Administrators
    • Office Engineers
    • Budget Manager
    • Budget Analyst
    • Project Coordinator
  • Up to 3 Council Authorized Representatives (one Principal Engineer or Principal Contract Administrator for each of the construction contracts)
  • Up to 17 Assistant Council Authorized Representatives (ACARs) focused on specific disciplines such as track, structures, systems, mechanical, civil, electrical, etc. (1 Senior Engineer, Contract Administrator or Supervisor for each discipline)
  • Up to 10 Inspectors
  • Construction Safety Specialist
  • Communications Specialist
  • Up to 10 Inspectors

Positions to be posted in 2018 and 2019

  • Up to 10 Inspectors
  • Project Internships
Position Summaries

Summaries of construction management positions will be posted here when available.

Construction Management Position Summaries

The position summaries below describe the general functions of construction management staff for the METRO Green Line Extension (Southwest LRT) Project and anticipated posting dates. Professional certification or licensure may be required or preferred for certain positions. Job postings will include the required qualifications for each position and a detailed description of duties and responsibilities.



Up to 3 Principal Contract Administrator or Principal Engineer positions, posting in February 2017

CARs oversee contract administration and compliance for one of the three main construction contracts (Civil, Systems, or Operations and Maintenance Facility); direct and supervise Assistant CARs and field staff; maintain as-built plans; serve as primary contact with the contractor.


Up to 17 Contract Administrator or Senior Engineer positions, posted February 27 through March 13, 2017. Repost August 8 through August 22, 2017

ACARs work in specific disciplines, providing project management assistance to the CARs and supporting the CARs in day-to-day field activities; ensure compliance with plans and specifications; resolve issues in the field and negotiate change orders.


Up to 2 Contract Administrator positions, posted August 8 through August 22, 2017

Change Control Administrators assist in procurement and management of capital construction contracts and change orders; review bids and proposals from contractors; assist in preparation and review of permits, agreements, and approvals; monitor compliance; and prepare and track documentation.


Up to 3 Senior Engineer or Engineer positions, posted February 27 through March 13, 2017

Office Engineers assist in monitoring construction activities and confirming compliance with contract requirements; coordinate with stakeholders; assist with change control process; prepare cost estimates; update plan sets; act as point of contact for inspectors; and conduct quality control reviews for completeness.


1 position, posting in April 2017

The Safety and Security Specialist will support the Manager, Construction Safety and Security; implement the construction safety and security program, including daily safety and security inspection; and conduct trainings, exercises, and drills.


Up to 10 positions posting in early 2017; Up to 10 additional positions posting in early 2018  


2 Construction Inspection internships posted February 1 through March 3, 2017; up to 10 internships in 2018 and 2019

Internship opportunities will be posted with the Metropolitan Council's annual internship program. Watch for announcements.


1 position, posted September 16 through October 7, 2016

Executive position reporting to the Project Director. Exercises significant authority in negotiating and approving contract change orders up to $100,000.


1 position, posted September 16 through October 7, 2016

Executive position reporting to the Director, Construction. Supervises construction management staff. Coordinates construction activities with state and local authorities. Exercises significant authority in negotiating and approving contract change orders up to $50,000.


Up to 3 Construction Manager positions, posted October 31 through November 21, 2016. Reposted February 10 through February 24, 2017

Construction Managers support the Director and Assistant Director, Construction. Oversee one of three main construction contracts (Civil, Systems, or Operations and Maintenance Facility) and supervise construction staff; prepare reports; coordinate with internal and external stakeholders; coordinate with engineering team and resolves issues.


1 position, posted December 12, 2016 through January 3, 2017

The Manager, Construction Safety and Security will develop and maintain a comprehensive construction safety and security program, including risk management oversight and loss prevention; perform safety and security audits; and conduct training.


Posted December 30, 2016 through January 20, 2017

The Quality Oversight Specialist provides quality assurance and quality control oversight of the contractors’ quality program during construction and through systems start-up. Audit contractors’ materials, work products, and documentation; conduct field inspections; document nonconforming work and corrective actions.

Applying for Construction Management Positions

Getting Started


Check frequently for new postings

New postings will appear on the Metropolitan Council’s employment page.

Create a NeoGov account in advance

The Metropolitan Council uses the online NeoGov online platform to manage job postings and applications Creating a NeoGov account with your professional and educational information will expedite the application process later.

Learn about NeoGov

Watch the Metropolitan Council’s brief instructional video to familiarize yourself with the NeoGov system before you apply.

Applying for Open Positions


Don’t send a paper resume

The Metropolitan Council does not accept paper resumes. You must complete the application process using the Metropolitan Council’s online system. You can use your LinkedIn or Facebook accounts to populate portions of the application, but you must check for accuracy and answer supplemental questions.

Complete the application form fully

In order for your application to be considered, you MUST fully complete all sections of the application, even if you have similar information in your resume. Allow up to three hours to complete the online application with professional experience, educational background, references and contact information. Construction management positions require the ability to complete technical reports, so be sure to use proper capitalization, spelling, and grammar.

Complete your application on time

All online applications must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. on the closing date for the position.

Applying for more than one position

You may select multiple positions by clicking in the box to the left of the job title of the jobs you are interested in and then clicking "Apply Now." The same application information will be submitted for each position selected.

Viewing the Status of Your Application

To confirm that your application has been received, go to your NeoGov account. Each application you have submitted is indicated with an asterisk (*). When your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email notice of the status of your application. Our review process can take up to several weeks to complete, so please be patient. To ensure you receive email notices, be sure that your email client is set to accept mail from the Metropolitan Council and

Updating Your Application

Applicants may resubmit an application any time before the closing date (as stated on the job posting) and 24 hours after a previous submission. The application submitted most recently will be considered. You can update your contact and personal information in NeoGov.

Disability accommodations are available

If you have a disability and would like to request an accommodation during the selection process, please contact the Human Resources Department at 612-349-7558.

Military veterans may receive preference

Eligible veterans who wish to claim veterans' preference may receive additional points after the oral exam score. To be eligible for veteran preference points, you must submit a copy of your DD-214 showing years of service and type of discharge in order to be considered for veterans' preference. This must be done as part of the application process before the job posting closes.



Interview Format

The Metropolitan Council will conduct panel interviews with appropriate project staff for construction management positions. In-person interviews will be held in the Twin Cities area; the Metropolitan Council will work with applicants outside the Twin Cities area to facilitate remote interviews by video or teleconference, if necessary.

Troubleshooting NeoGov Issues


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Recovering a Username or Password

Metropolitan Council staff cannot access or reset usernames or passwords. Click the “Login Help” link on the “Careers” page to request that your username or password be sent to the e-mail address you previously provided in your profile. If you did not provide an e-mail address in your profile, call the Human Resources Department and request that they update your profile with your e-mail address. Once your profile is updated, you can request your username or reset your password.

Problems Logging Into Your NeoGov Account

First, go to  to reconnect to your account (select “Sign In” located at the very top right of your screen). Reset your username and/or password, or select “Help and Support” for additional information. If you have further issues, please contact NeoGov directly at 1-877-204-4442. Our Human Resources Department does not have access to view or update applicant user information.