Metro Model 3

Twin Cities Area Groundwater Flow Model

As part of the regional water supply planning effort, the Met Council updated Metro Model 2 with the assistance of Barr Engineering Company, a technical workgroup, and other stakeholders. Metro Model 3 includes updated technical data and updated modeling software.

Metro Model 3 is a regional model and is used to assess the impacts of possible management scenarios on projected groundwater levels based on land use changes, population growth, and water demand changes.


How is Metro Model 3 used?

Metro Model 3 (MM3) is used on a regional basis to assess groundwater withdrawal, groundwater availability, and identify areas possibly facing future water supply limitations. MM3 is a regional model and should not be used as packaged for local assessments; the model should be refined with local data and smaller grid sizing.

What has changed in the update?
Does this mean Metro Model 2 was wrong?
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On request, these publications will be made available in alternative formats to people with disabilities. Call Metropolitan Council at 651-602-1140 or TTY 651-291-0904.

Metro Model 3 Report (2 MB), PDF
Metro Model 3 Report Figures (62 MB), PDF 
Metro Model 3 Appendix A Updated Daily Soil Water Balance (SWB) Model (37 MB), PDF
Metro Model 3 Appendix B Parameter Sensitivities (920 KB), PDF
Metro Model 3 Appendix C Measured and Simulated Head Change at Minnesota DNR Observation Wells 1995 to 2011 (37 MB), PDF
Metro Model 3 Appendix D Well Identification for MNW2 Package (2 MB), PDF
Metro Model 3 Appendix E Geologic Data Sources (3 MB), PDF
Metro Model 3 Appendix F Stratigraphic Column of Paleozoic and Middle Proterozoic Bedrock in Southeast Minnesota (5 MB), PDF

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