District 13 Projects

Capital Program

District 13 in Dakota County the cities of Lilydale, Mendota, Mendota Heights, Sunfish Lake, West St. Paul, and South St. Paul.  In Washington County,  Newport, St. Paul Park and the enclaves of Grey Cloud Island Township that are wholly within the city of St. Paul Park.  In Ramsey County, that portion of the city of St. Paul described as follows: east of a line beginning at the point where the median of Interstate 35E intersects the northern boundary of the city of St. Paul, then south along the median of the interstate to where Interstate 35E and Interstate 94 merge, then southwest along the median of the shared portion of the Interstate 35E and Interstate 94 following the curve of the median of Interstate 35E to the centerline of the intersection of Kellogg Boulevard, then south on Kellogg Boulevard to the intersection with Eagle Street, then south along the centerline of Eagle Street/Parkway to the intersection with Shepard Road, then north east along the median of Shepard Road to the centerline of Wabasha Street, then southeast along the centerline of Wabasha Street South to the northern shoreline of Raspberry Island, then following the northern shoreline to the southwest tip of the island, then following the centerline of the Mississippi River to the point where the river centerline intersects the southern boundary of the city of St. Paul at Lilydale Regional Park.

MWWTP Asset Renewal: Project 8089

This project represents the next phase of asset renewal at the Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant. The program began in 2009 with the Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation and Facilities Improvement Plan. This phase consists of the following: (1) renewal of secondary treatment plant aeration air system, including air piping and controls, and the tank underdrain system; (2) influent channel mixing improvements and electronic gate actuators for the east primary influent channel; (3) modifications to the scum processing system; (4) electrical distribution substations, switchgear and motor control centers (MCCs); (5) replacement of seven building roofs that were originally installed in 1966; and (6) the addition of a second South Saint Paul Force Main that will be routed to the head of the plant.

MWWTP Rehabilitation and Facilities Improvements: Project 8059

Consists of the following: (1) on-site central standby power facility using diesel generators; (2) rehabilitation of in-plant power distribution system, process control system, and plant water systems; (3) rehabilitation of sludge storage tanks and several other structural components of the plant; (4) process enhancements for the fluidized bed incineration system; (5) replacement of sludge collection equipment and other process equipment; and (6) decommissioning or re-use of buildings that are no longer used for their original process functions.

MWWTP Solids Improvements: Project 8062

This project will construct additional solids processing facilities to increase the capacity and reliability of the current solids processing system.

St. Paul Interceptor System Rehabilitation: Project 8088

The interceptors located in Maplewood, Roseville, Shoreview, St. Paul, and Vadnais Heights are in need of rehabilitation and/or replacement. The project will rehabilitate existing interceptor facilities to ensure reliable service.

In addition to the major projects, there will be interceptor rehabilitation, lift stations, and meter improvement projects located in the district.

MWWTP Asset Renewal: Project 8089 298 kB

Metro Rehabilitation & Facilities Improvements: Project 8059 288 kB

Metro Solids Improvements: Project 8062 322 kB

St. Paul Interceptor System Rehabilitation: Project 8088 311 kB