District 4 Projects

Capital Program

District 4 includes all of Carver County except for the city of Chanhassen and all of Scott County except Spring Lake Township, Credit River Township, Cedar Lake Township, New Market Township and the city of Elko New Market. Excluded is the Scott County portion of the city of New Prague.

Blue Lake Solids Processing: Program 8097

Provides improvements to the solids thickening and drying processes at the plant. It also provides for the renewal of equipment that is nearing the end of its useful life and capacity.

Blue Lake System Improvements: Project 8028

This project provides improvements to meet the long-term conveyance capacity, reliability, and rehabilitation/replacement needs of the Blue Lake Interceptor System. This system includes gravity sewers, 29 lift stations, and single forcemains from each lift station. Where cost effective, such as in the Victoria area, some lift stations are being replaced by deep gravity sewers using tunnel construction methods. In some cases, small lift stations will be consolidated. The remaining lift stations will be rehabilitated and/or replaced as necessary. Single forcemains will be upgraded to dual forcemains. Gravity sewers will be rehabilitated as necessary. River crossings (Chaska-Shakopee and Eden Prairie- Shakopee) will be inspected and rehabilitated as necessary. The five major project areas are Victoria, Excelsior, Mound, and Wayzata, and Gravity Sewers (Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Prior Lake, and Shakopee).

Lift Station Rehabilitation: Project 8055

Includes improvements to Lift Station L-66. The project will replace obsolete, aging equipment and increase the lift stations' pumping capacity. In some cases the lift station’s forcemain will be included in the rehabilitation.

Regional Plant Improvements: Project 8078

Provides funding to address small near-term capital improvements at 8 regional plants. Includes one project to install new barscreened odor control and a plant-wise Wi-Fi network at the Blue Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Waconia LS/FM Rehabilitation: Project 8083

This project consists of lift station improvements and replacement of the older of two forcemains.

In addition to the major projects, there will be interceptor rehabilitation, lift stations, and meter improvement projects located in the district.

Blue Lake Plant Solids Processing: Program 8097 295 kB

Blue Lake System Improvements: Program 8028 189 kB

Lift Station Rehabilitation: Program 8055 71 kB

Regional Plant Improvements: Program 8078 44 kB

Waconia LS/FM Rehabilitation: Program 8083 146 kB