Metropolitan Council Committees


Standing Council Committees


The Council is currently seeking applicants for the

  • Equity Advisory Committee
  • Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC)
  • Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee (TAAC)

See details about these committees and how to apply.

Council members serve on special Council Committees which meet regularly and make recommendations to the full Council. The public is encouraged to attend the Council and committee meetings and hearings and express their points of view on matters before the Council. The council also has citizen advisory committees on specific topics.

Standing Council Committee meetings are the best place to provide comment on specific agenda items. To provide testimony at a committee meeting, contact the committee’s recording secretary.

Advisory and other committees

Other Council committees, work groups and task forces which meet occasionally are listed below.  These committee members may include local elected officials, representatives of partnering organizations, members of the public with expertise in specific areas, and people who represent specific geographic areas.

Special project or short term committees