TAC Planning Committee

The TAC Planning Committee addresses transportation planning and policy issues, and is responsible for reviewing changes to the region’s roadway functional classification system.

Committee members

TAC Planning Committee Members

Meeting dates

The Planning Committee meets the second Thursday of every month usually at 1 p.m. Please check the current agenda for the meeting's starting time.

Staff contacts

  • Heidi Schallberg, Senior Planner (651.602.1721)
  • Alison Coleman, Senior Administrative Assistant (651.602.1701)

Meeting agendas and minutes

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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
8/13/2020 Agenda  
7/9/2020 Agenda CANCELED
6/11/2020 Agenda CANCELED
5/14/2020 Agenda CANCELED
4/9/2020 Agenda  
3/12/2020 Agenda Minutes
2/13/2020 Agenda Minutes
1/9/2020 Agenda Minutes
12/12/2019 Agenda Minutes
11/14/2019 Agenda Minutes
10/10/2019 Agenda Minutes
9/12/2019 Agenda  
8/8/2019 Agenda  
7/11/2019 Agenda Minutes
6/13/2019 Agenda  
5/9/2019 Agenda Minutes
4/11/2019 Agenda  
3/14/2019 Agenda Minutes
2/14/2019 Agenda  
1/10/2019 Agenda Minutes
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