Management Committee

The Council's Management Committee ensures accountability for use of financial and other resources and addresses issues regarding budget review, financial monitoring, personnel policy, labor agreements, bond authority and insurance.
 The November 14th Management Committee meeting has been moved to November 15th at 2:30 pm in Robert Room 1A.
The Management Committee meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 2:30 p.m. at 390 N. Robert Street, St. Paul, MN 55101.

Members: Steven T. Ch├ívez - Chair, Richard Kramer - Vice Chair, Deb Barber, Gary L. Cunningham, Harry Melander, Katie Rodriguez, and Sandy Rummel. More about Council Members. 

Staff Contacts:
  • Mary Bogie, Chief Financial Officer (651.602.1359)
  • Lori Connery,  Recording Secretary (651.602.1411)
Note: Minutes are not final until approved at the following meeting.
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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
11/15/2018 Agenda  
10/24/2018 Agenda  
10/10/2018 Agenda Minutes
9/26/2018 Agenda Minutes
9/12/2018 Agenda  
8/22/2018 Agenda Minutes
8/8/2018 Agenda  
7/25/2018 Agenda Minutes
7/11/2018 Agenda  
6/27/2018 Agenda Minutes
6/13/2018 Agenda Minutes
5/23/2018 Agenda Minutes
5/23/2018 Agenda Minutes
4/25/2018 Agenda Minutes
4/11/2018 Agenda Minutes
3/28/2018 Agenda Minutes
3/14/2018 Agenda Minutes
2/28/2018 Agenda Minutes
1/24/2018 Agenda Minutes
1/10/2018 Agenda Minutes