Equity Advisory Committee

The Equity Advisory Committee advises the Metropolitan Council in its work to advance equity in the metropolitan region. In forming the Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) in October 2015, the Metropolitan Council affirms its commitment in Thrive MSP 2040 to ensure that residents and communities are full partners in making the decisions that affect them.

The goal of this work is to create more equitable outcomes for the people who live and work in the region. For the purpose of this committee, equity is defined by Thrive MSP 2040:

Equity connects all residents to opportunity and creates viable housing, transportation, and recreation options for people of all races, ethnicities, incomes, and abilities so that all communities share the opportunities and challenges of growth and change. For our region to reach its full economic potential, all of our residents must be able to access opportunity. Our region is strong when all people live in communities that provide them access to opportunities for success, prosperity, and quality of life.

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Equity Advisory Committee Members

Sitting Council members

Geographic district representatives (4-year terms expiring in 2024)

  • Michael Luseni, District A, Plymouth
  • Tie Oei, District B, Eden Prairie
  • Nicholas Jenkins, District C, Bloomington
  • Anita L. Urvina Davis, District D, Minneapolis
  • Patrick Tschida, District E, Roseville
  • Edward McDonald, District F, Oakdale
  • Vanessa Jenkins, District G, Saint Paul
  • Leah Goldstein Moses, District H, Eagan, Co-Chair

At-large members (4-year terms expiring in 2022)

  • Zabat Awed
  • Melinda Lee
  • Jen Owens
  • Mary Ann Padua
  • Breanne Rothstein
  • Stephanie Shider
  • Betsy Sitkoff
  • Kristen Stacey

Meeting agendas and minutes

Meeting Date Agenda, Materials & Video Minutes
7/12/2016 7/12/2016 Agenda & Materials for Equity Advisory Committee 7/12/2016 Minutes
6/21/2016 6/21/2016 Agenda & Materials for Equity Advisory Committee  
Meeting Schedule

    The EAC meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

    Metropolitan Council
    390 Robert Street North
    Saint Paul, MN 55101

Committee Openings

    There are no vacancies on the Equity Advisory Committee.