Transportation Advisory Board

The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) is a key participant in the region's transportation planning process. TAB was created by the state legislature in 1974 to perform transportation planning and programming for the Twin Cities metropolitan area, as designated by state and federal law.

The transportation planning process is based on Minnesota statutes and federal rules and regulations on urban transportation planning. As the region's federally-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) the Council and the TAB are responsible for the continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. This qualifies the region for federal transportation planning, operating and construction funds.

The transportation planning process ensures that various points of view are heard and discussed when establishing transportation policy and allocating transportation funds. The TAB:

  • Provides a forum for deliberation among state, regional and local officials, transportation providers and private citizens to articulate their positions on issues that affect transportation planning and funding in the Twin Cities region.

  • Reviews and comments on Thrive MSP 2040, the Transportation Policy Plan and other significant planning documents produced by the Metropolitan Council.

  • Reviews and comments on transportation documents related to regional transportation policy prepared by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

  • Solicits and evaluates applications for federal transportation funding, and conducts public hearings and adoption of the region's Transportation Improvement Program.

TAB members and affiliations

Staff contact

Elaine Koutsoukos, TAB Coordinator